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Please fill out the form to give us some basic information about your business setup. Let us know what you expect from us and we will get back and discuss your needs, personally.

We will then submit a
customized offer, based on our conversations. This is a service to bring you the best solution for your needs for the best price possible. While Fox is built to be easy to set up and use, we may be able to speed things up to further reduce your workload.

All data is treated confidentially and will not be made available to any other party. You can also request an official NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) from us. Just let us know.
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We grant a 20% rebate on all software purchases during January 2017 as an introductory offer. Prices start at 800 EUR for a permanent software license and 80 EUR per month for subscription plans* (rebate included).

* subscription plans require an additional, one time setup fee of 100 EUR.
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About Us

OFFICER Solutions was born in 1996. Since 2004 we deploy our royalty solutions to a growing international user base. Our more than 300 customers are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We cultivate personal relationships with our user base and our customers have a direct influence on our work.

OFFICER solutions is introducing its next generation product line, based on the latest FileMaker 15 technology. All our offers are real software applications that run on the customer's computer.

Recent News

We lost our beloved friend and partner Stefan Fuchs in August 2016. Stefan was responsible for our support and took care of the many small companies that have founded our business. Consequently, Fox is meant to be a clever companion for modern, digital native companies with straight workflows and royalty scenarios. The application name was chosen in memory of our Mr. Fuchs (German for fox).

Our new flagship product Royalty Producer X is in development and will be released in spring 2017. Royalty Producer X covers very complex contract scenarios and will also be available as a powerful client/server system.

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