Welcome to OFFICER solutions

hand crafted FileMaker Solutions since 1994
OFFICER Solutions offers individually programmed software solutions for various scenarios. We focus on high usability, comfort and great user interfaces. Over the past 30 years we have built software systems running on Mac, Windows, iOS and Web Browsers for different industries:

• Furniture Production
• Interior Fittings
• Plant Engineering
• Entertainment industry
• Lawyers
• Hospitals
• Doctors
• and more…

Specialised in workflow development and optimisation, we are able to safe your team a lot of time and headaches. If you are constantly spending time on repetitive task or have a missing piece of logic in your company setup, we can help. We are based in Austria and France and communicate in English, German, French, Italian.

Please contact us for a free consulting session.
Special Offer for OFFFICER / FOX users:
All of our royalty software products have been discontinued. We encourage users to switch to the well designed and affordable online software solution from details in Germany. Please get in touch with Peta at details to learn about the special conditions we have negotiated for you .